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Marc E. Gillespie Ph.D.

College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions St. John’s University 8000 Utopia Parkway Queens, New York 11439 Voice (718) 990-5249 TeleFax (718) 990-1877 Laboratory (718) 990-5706 Email:


Doctor of Philosophy, Oncological Sciences Department of Oncological Sciences University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah November 1998

Bachelor of Arts in Zoology University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont Minor: American Literature May 1989

Experience: Associate Professor 1999 – Present St. John’s University Jamaica, NY • Promoted to Associate from Assistant in 2005 • Research – Proteomics, Toxicology, Microbiology, Protein Biochemistry, Bioinformatcs • Educator – Gene Technology, Toxicology, Public Health, Human Anatomy & Physiology

Chair – Institutional BioSafety Committee 2005 – present St. John’s University Jamaica, NY • Manage all aspects of Biosafety Committee

Reactome Editor/Curator 2003 – present Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Cold Spring Harbor, NY •

Recent Publications:

Vastrik I, D'Eustachio P, Schmidt E, Joshi-Tope G, Gopinath G, Croft D, de Bono B, Gillespie M, Jassal B, Lewis S, Matthews L, Wu G, Birney E, Stein L. (2007) Reactome: a knowledgebase of biological pathways and processes. Genome Biol. 2007 Mar 16;8(3):R39

Gillespie ME: Biomarker discovery and compound evaluation using two-hybrid proteomic systems. Expert Opinion on Drug Discovery 2006, 1:389-394.

Joshi-Tope G, Gillespie M, Vastrik I, D'Eustachio P, Schmidt E, de Bono B, Jassal B, Gopinath GR, Wu GR, Matthews L, Lewis S, Birney E, Stein L. (2005). Reactome: A Knowledgebase of Biological Pathways. Nucleic Acids Res 1;33(Database issue):D428-32.

Mukherjee, T., Squillante, E., Gillespie, M., and Shao, J. (2004). Transepithelial electrical resistance is not a reliable measurement of the Caco-2 monolayer integrity in Transwell. Drug Deliv 11, 11-18.

Joshi-Tope, G., I. Vastrik, et al. (2003). "The Genome Knowledgebase: a resource for biologists and bioinformaticists." Cold Spring Harb Symp Quant Biol 68: 237-43.

Gillespie, M (2003) Affordable proteomics: The two-hybrid systems. Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics 2003 5(3):266-270

Gillespie, M (2003) Two-Hybrid Proteomics: Leveraging Small-Scale Proteomic Techniques to Take Advantage of Large-Scale Databases. Preclinica, 2003 May/June 37-41

Carvalho, F. and M. E. Gillespie (2003). "Bringing Proteomics Into the Lab - Proteomics Lab 101." Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, 2003 31: 46-51.

Membership in Professional Societies:

American Association for the Advancement of Science 1997- The Pharmacists Society of the State of New 2001- New York State Council of Health-system Pharmacists 2001- The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2002- New York Academy of Sciences 2002- Society of Toxicology 2003-

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