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Senior Scientist in protein chemistry at Bioneer A/S, Hørsholm, Denmark
We do contract research in protein chemistry, contract manufacturing of proteins and process development.

2012-2016 Post doc Roskilde University, Dept. of Science, Systems and Models, Roskilde, Denmark. I worked on the project; Rational engineering of cellulases for improved saccharification of biomass, (RESAB) with Peter Westh (Roskilde University) and Kim Borch (Novozymes A/S) as project leaders.
2010-2012 Post doc at Carlsberg Laboratory, Protein Chemistry Group, Copenhagen
2007-2010 Assistant professor at Department of Basic Sciences and Environment
Faculty of Life Science, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ph.D. from Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark, 2007.
M.Sc. from Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark, 2004.


Møller, M. S., Windahl, M. S., Sim, L., Bøjstrup, M., Hachem, M. A., Hindsgaul, O., Palcic, M., Svensson, B., and Henriksen, A., Oligosaccharide and substrate binding in starch debranching enzyme barley limit dextrinase, (2015) J. Mol. Biol. 427, 1263-1277. See PDB entries 4J3U, 4J3S, 4J3T, 4J3V, 4J3W and 4J3X.

Colussi, F., Sørensen, T. H., Alasepp, K., Kari, J., Cruys-Bagger, N., Windahl, M. S., Olsen, J. P., Borch, K., and Westh, P., Probing substrate interactions in the active tunnel of a catalytically deficient cellobiohydrolase (Cel7), (2015) J. Biol. Chem. 290, 2444-2454.

Løvgreen, M. N., Martic, M., Windahl, M. S., Christensen, H. E. M., Harris, P., Crystal structures of the all-cysteinyl-coordinated D14C variant of Pyrococcus furiosus ferredoxin: [4Fe-4S] - [3Fe-4S] cluster conversion, (2011) J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 16, 763-775.. See PDB entries 2z8q and 3pni. JBIC page in Proteopediea.

Windahl, M. S., Boesen, J., Karlsen, P. E., Christensen, H. E. M., Expression, purification and enzymatic chaterization of the catalytic domains of human tryptophan hydroxylase isoforms, (2009) The Protein Journal 28, 400-406.

Windahl, M. S., Petersen, C. R., Christensen, H. E. M., Harris, P., Crystal structure of tryptophan hydroxylase with bound amino acid substrate, (2008) Biochemistry 47, 12087 – 12094. See my Proteopedia presentation of the structure 3e2t.

Nielsen, M. S., Petersen, C. R., Munch, A., Vendelboe, T. V., Boesen, J., Harris, P., Christensen, H. E. M., A simple two step procedure for purification of the catalytic domain of chicken tryptophan hydroxylase 1 in a form suitable for crystallization, (2008) Protein Expr. Purif. 57, 116-126.

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