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Ribonuclease A - Structure 7RSA




This structure of Photosystem II was crystallized from the cyanobacteria, Thermosynechococcus elongatus, at 3.0Å [1] and at 3.50 Å [2]. PDB codes are 2axt and 1s5l, respectively. Cyanobacteria and plants both contain Photosystem II while photosynthetic bacteria contain the bacterial reaction center. This photosynthetic protein complex is associated with a variety of functional ligands. It is a composed mainly of alpha-helices. Nineteen are in each monomer, with multiple extrinsic subunits associated with the oxygen evolving complex missing from this crystallization. Photosystem II is a membrane bound protein complex that in plants is associated with the thylakoid membrane of chloroplasts. regions correlate with membrane associated nature of the protein. Hydrophobic helices make up the transmembranal portion, while polar residues are concentrated externally on either side of the membrane.

Basic Structure


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Basic Structure


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