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PleD allosteric product inhibition

Allosteric product inhibition

activated (BeF3- modified; 2v0n

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PleD shows direct non-competitive feedback inibition with a Ki of about 1 μM. There are two allosteric sites, the Ip (R359 and D362 of a RxxD sequence motif and R390), and the Is (R313) in the PleD GGDEF domain that are involved in product binding across to GGDEF domains (cross-linking).

Binding of two intercalated results in of the two GGDEF domains in the dimer and keeps the two active sites (with bound ) apart form each other.


Activated PleD structure 2v0n:

  • Wassmann P, Chan C, Paul R, Beck A, Heerklotz H, Jenal U, Schirmer T. Structure of BeF3- -modified response regulator PleD: implications for diguanylate cyclase activation, catalysis, and feedback inhibition. Structure. 2007 Aug;15(8):915-27. PMID:17697997 doi:

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