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  • RNA modeling
    • Secondary Structure
      • The methods page for CompaRNA lists and provides links to several software and server-based programs for secondary structure prediction.
      • NASP is a parallel program for identifying evolutionarily conserved nucleic acid secondary structures from nucleotide sequence alignments. See the companion article.
    • 3D Structure
      • ModeRNA server is an online tool for RNA 3D structure modeling by the comparative approach, based on a template RNA structure and a user-defined target-template sequence alignment. Related to this is ModeRNA, which is a program for comparative modeling of RNA 3D structures. It requires a pairwise sequence alignment and a structural template to generate a 3D structural model of the target RNA sequence and allows for nucleotide modifications. See the companion article for the server.
      • 3dRNA also uses templates but you don't have control in specifying it. You upload a sequence and a secondary structure and if there is a reasonable template it will run and give you the resulting model.
  • Nucleic Acid-protein modeling

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