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Lamprey Variable Lymphocyte Receptor bound to a trisaccharide antigen (3e6j), resolution 1.67Å

Testing using Jmol's 'set echo image' command, as described in topic 62 here, from within Proteopedia

To figure out file name I used Proteopedia:Cookbook under the FLASH example section and used "View image info" from right clicking on image to get path on wiki like in the FLASH example.

<---- WOW!!! IT DOES!!!!!

<----- SEEMS IT SAVES CURRENT VERSION AND SCENE WILL REMAIN THE SAME EVEN IF IMAGE REFERENCED IN ECHO COMMAND ORIGINALLY IS ALTERED (Makes it so a new scene will need to be saved for every scene using that image if the image is updated. This makes it imperative to have final version of an image worked out before using it in a lot of scenes because no quick way to update all of them at same time. Test as that I made scene with original version of the image and then I updated to a large numeral '2', but '1' sill shows in scene.) Asked Jmol list about why number becomes outline when 'set antialiasdisplay on' , as in the quality button, and Bob Hanson said is comes from antialiasing a graphic that is already antialised and seems it is an issue we will have to live with.

<---THIS WORKS BUT SEEMS NEED CURSOR OVER OR SPINNING ON TO KEEP GIF ANIMATING (seems it needs refreshing for animated gif?) Used a test image

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