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Made moprh from 3hg2 to 3hg3 and needed to renumber the model from model 1 to 8 instead of 0 to 7 as came back from Yale server. Did I actually do this renumbering yet? I need to check the uploaded file because the one I have on my computer still as 0 to 8.
. See 3hg2.

Then tried to make 3gh3 to 3hg4 but ran into issue that I needed to put back both sets of heteroatoms and didn't do that yet as was distracted by issues cause by numbering system. In fact it looks like I did try adding the atoms back but they are added to the model 1 and not model 0 because of issue with model 0. I guess I hadn't realized I could just renumber or did the Yale morph server keep the heteroatomos?

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