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Human activin A (PDB code 5hlz)

3D structures of activin A

Updated on 07-May-2020

5hlz, 5hly - hActA - human
2arv - hActA mature domain residues 311-426
1nys, 1nyu, 1s4y - hActA mature domain + Acvr2B LBD
2b0u, 2arp, 2p6a - hActA mature domain + follistatin
3b4v - hActA mature domain + follistatin-like 3


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  2. Hubner G, Brauchle M, Gregor M, Werner S. Activin A: a novel player and inflammatory marker in inflammatory bowel disease? Lab Invest. 1997 Oct;77(4):311-8. PMID:9354766
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