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The title of this image, War of the Worlds, is an homage to the 1898 novel of that title by H. G. Wells.

This image was obtained with FirstGlance in Jmol displaying 6icz (Tools, Salt Bridges/Cation-pi). The "worlds" (spheres) are "empty baskets" representing missing residues. The "people" are cation-pi interactions. 6icz has nearly the limit of atoms (97,900 of max 99,999) and chains (51 of max 62) that will fit in the PDB data format. It has coordinates for 14,179 amino acids and 420 RNA nucleotides. This model has >10,000 missing residues, and >7,000 incomplete sidechains. It is based on cryo-electron microscopy at 3.0 Å resolution.

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