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This article explains how to show the biological unit (biological assembly) in a scene in Proteopedia. If you simply want to see the biological unit, go to Visualizing the Biological Unit. For background, see Biological Unit and Asymmetric Unit.

1. Go to the MakeMultimer Server.
2. Submit the PDB code.
3. Click on the mm1.pdb link to download the biological assembly PDB file. For example, if you submitted 1hho, there will be a link to 1hho_mm1.pdb.
Optionally you may examine all the biological units with the links to FirstGlance in Jmol.
4. Upload the mm1.pdb file into Proteopedia, and use it in a molecular scene, following the instructions at Help:Uploading molecules.

You can also find the MakeMultimer Server with FirstGlance in Jmol. Every page in Proteopedia titled with a PDB code has a link to FirstGlance. While viewing the asymmetric unit in FirstGlance, click on Biological Unit (in the Molecule Information Tab, or the Resources Tab) and there you will find the link to MakeMultimer, along with an explanation of how to interpret the results.

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