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3D structures of C-myc

Updated on 24-November-2022

2a93 – Cmyc-Max leucine zipper – synthetic – NMR
2ap2 – sCmyc + antibody
5i4z - hCmyc bHLHZ domain residues 348-439 - human
7c36 - hCmyc residues 62-223 - NMR
5i50 - hCmyc bHLHZ domain + DNA
6g6j, 6g6k, 6g6l – hCmyc + hMax
1nkp – hCmyc + hMax + DNA
1mv0 – hCmyc residues 55-68 + box-dependent-interacting protein residues 513-593 - NMR

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