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Glycosylated human CD47 residues 19-136 (mutant) (green) complex with SIRP α (cyan) and I- ions 2jjs

3D Structures of CD47

Updated on 01-May-2019

2jjs, 2jjt, 4kjy – hCD47 extracellular domain (mutant) + SIRP α
2vsc – hCD47 extracellular domain (mutant)
4cmm - hCD47 extracellular domain (mutant) + tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type substrate
5iwl – hCD47 extracellular domain (mutant) + 5F9 diabody
5tz2, 5tzt, 5tzu – hCD47 extracellular domain (mutant) + antibody


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