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Jmol is the primary visualization software used in Proteopedia. Jmol is a cross-platform program written in Java, but able to run in an HTML/Javascript-mode that does not require Java. The HTML/Javascript mode is presently the default on Proteopedia as it runs on more platforms.

At this time, Jmol still performs best in Java mode and users are encouraged to use that on Proteoepdia. See here for how to opt in to Java mode. See here for the benchmark comparisons.

You can easily distinguish which mode Jmol is presently running in by looking in the bottom right corner. You'll see Jmol_S in the bottom right corner of the Proteopedia structure scene windows when Jmol is running with the signed Java applet. You'll see JSmol in the bottom right corner of structure windows when Jmol is operating in HTML/Javascript mode.


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