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Fluorescent protein Dronpa complex with CYG chromophore 2iov

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3D structures of Dronpa

Updated on 07-February-2023

2ie2, 2iov, 2gx0, 2gx2, 3zuf, 3zuj, 3zul, 2z1o, 6d38, 6d39 – EcFPD – Echinophyllia
4izn, 6nqj, 6nql, 6nqn, 6nqp, 6nqo, 6nqq, 6nqr, 6nqs, 6nqv, 7rrh, 7rri, 7rrj, 7rrk - EcFDP (mutant)
4uts, 6nqk - EcFDP (mutant) + chromophore Cys-Tyr-Gly
5hzs - EcFDP + chromophore Ser-Tyr-Gly + Co
5hzt - EcFDP + chromophore Ser-Tyr-Gly + Cu
5hzu - EcFDP + chromophore Ser-Tyr-Gly + Ni
2z1o, 2z6y, 2z6z – EcFDP bright state
2pox – EcFDP dark state
4hq8, 4emq - EcFDP green-on state (mutant)
4hq9 - EcFDP green-off state (mutant)
4hqc - EcFDP red state (mutant)
2z6x – FDP - Pectiniidae

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