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FIS protein complex with DNA 3jra

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3D Structures of FIS protein

Updated on 27-July-2021

1fia, 3fis, 4fis, 1ety – EcFIS - Escherichia coli
1f36, 1etk, 1eto, 1etq, 1etv, 1etw, 1etx – EcFIS (mutant)
1fip – EcFIS (mutant) + peptide
3iv5, 3jr9, 3jra, 3jrb, 3jrc, 3jrd, 3jre, 3jrf, 3jrg, 3jrh, 3jri, 4ihv, 4ihw, 4ihx, 4ihy, 5ds9, 5dtd, 5e3l, 5e3m, 5e3n, 5e3o, 6p0s – EcFIS + DNA
6p0t, 6p0u – EcFIS + DNA + exicionase


  1. Travers A, Schneider R, Muskhelishvili G. DNA supercoiling and transcription in Escherichia coli: The FIS connection. Biochimie. 2001 Feb;83(2):213-7. PMID:11278071

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