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Human furin complex with peptide inhibitor, Ca++ (green), Na+ (purple), citrulline, phenylacetaldehyde and aminoetyl-benzenecarboximiidamide (PDB 6eqv)

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3D structures of furin

Updated on 01-August-2021

5jxg, 5jxi - hFur - human
4z2a - hFur (mutant)
6eqx, 6eqw, 6eqv, 5jxh, 5jxj, 6hlb, 6hld, 6hle, 6hza, 6hzb, 6hzc, 6hzd, 4ryd, 4omc, 5omd - hFur + peptide inhibitor
5mim, 6yd2, 6yd3, 6yd4, 6yd7 - hFur + inhibitor
5jmo - hFur + antibody
1p8j - mFur + peptide inhibitor - mouse


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