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Synthetic gliadin peptide (cyan) complex with HLA class II histocompatibility antigen (α chain in magenta, β chain in green) and ethylene glycol (PDB code 1s9v)

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3D structures of gliadin

Updated on 07-April-2020

4gg6 – wGLI alpha/beta peptide + antibody + T-cell receptor – wheat
4z7u, 4z7v, 4z7w – wGLI alpha-1 peptide + antibody + T-cell receptor
4ozf, 4ozg, 4ozh, 4ozi – wGLI alpha-2 peptide + antibody + T-cell receptor
1s9v, 2nna – GLI alpha-1 peptide + antibody - synthetic
4d8p – wGLI gamma peptide + antibody


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