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MAP kinase phosphatase 3 (PDB code 1hzm)

3D Structures of MAP kinase phosphatase

3ezz – hMKP-2 (mutant) or DUSP-HVH2 - human
1t3k – DUSP (mutant) – Arabidopsis thaliana
2hcm – mDUSP
6apx – hDUSP-1/MBP + monobody
1m3g – hDUSP-2 catalytic domain (mutant) - NMR
3f81 – hDUSP-3 + inhibitor
2g6z – hDUSP-5
2fys - hMKP-3 peptide or DUSP-5 +rMAP kinase – rat
1hzm - hMKP-3 or DUSP-5
1mkp - hMKP-3 or DUSP-5 (mutant)
1j4x – hDUSP-3 (mutant)+peptide
3lj8 – hMKP-4
1hzm – hDUSP-6 residues 1-154
4y2e – hDUSP-7 (mutant)
4jmk – hDUSP-8 (mutant)
2ouc, 2oud, 1zzw - hMKP-5 or DUSP-10
3tg1 – hDUSP-10 + MAP kinase 14
4jmj – hDUSP-11 catalytic domain (mutant)
4jnb, 4ki9 – hDUSP-12 catalytic domain (mutant)
2pq5, 2gwo – hDUSP-13 catalytic domain
2wgp – hMKP-6 or DUSP-14
1yz4 – hDUSP-15 catalytic domain (mutant)
2vsw, 3tg3 - hMKP-7 or DUSP-16
4yr8 – hDUSP-16 + MAPK8
4d3p, 4d3q, 4d3r – hDUSP-19 (mutant)
4woh – hDUSP-22 (mutant) + nitrophenolphosphate
2img – hDUSP-23 + malate
5gtj, 4b04, 4hrf – hDUSP-26 catalytic domain (mutant)
2rf6, 2q05 – DUSP – Vaccinia virus 2p4d – DUSP - Variola virus


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