Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor

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Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor, PDB code 2bg9

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3D Structures of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

Updated on 22-November-2021

4d01 – hAChR α-9 subunit extracellular domain – human
4uxu – hAChR α-9 subunit extracellular domain + methyllycaconitine
4uy2 – hAChR α-9 subunit extracellular domain + α-bungarotoxin
6hy7 – hAChR alpha-9 subunit extracellular domain + α-conotoxin
5hbt – hAChR α-1 subunit extracellular domain + α-bungarotoxin + antibody
2qc1 – AChR α subunit extracellular domain + α-bungarotoxin - mouse
3mra – TcAChR α subunit M3 transmembrane segment – Torpedo californica - NMR
2k58 – AChR β-2 subunit M1 transmembrane segment - NMR
2k59 – AChR β-2 subunit M2 transmembrane segment - NMR
1oed – TmAChR pore – Torpedo marmorata – electron images
2bg9, 4aq5, 4aq9, 4bog, 4boi, 4bon, 4boo, 4bor, 4bot – TmAChR – Cryo-EM


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