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Human prolactin receptor (deepskyblue) complex with prolactin (magenta), Na+ (purple) and Cl- (green) ions (PDB code 3mzg)

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3D structures of prolactin receptor

Updated on 12-January-2023

3mzg – hPRLR extracellular domain + hPRL - human
3d48, 3n06, 3n0p, 3ncb – hPRLR extracellular domain + hPRL (mutant)
3ncc, 3nce, 3ncf – hPRLR extracellular domain (mutant) + hPRL (mutant)
3ew3, 3npz – rPRLR extracellular domain + hPRL - rat
4i18 - hPRLR extracellular domain + antibody
2lfg - hPRLR extracellular domain d2 - NMR
1f6f – rPRLR extracellular domain + placental lactogen
1bp3 – hPRLR extracellular domain + growth hormone


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