Prostaglandin E synthase

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Human PGES complex with inhibitor and glutathione (PDB code 4yl0)

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3D Structures of prostaglandin E synthase

Updated on 13-September-2023

3dww, 4al0, 4wab, 4bpm – hPGES-1 + glutathione – human
4al1 – hPGES-1 + glutathione analog
6vl4 – hPGES-1 + inhibitor
5bqg, 5bqh, 5bqi, 5k0i, 5t36, 5t37, 5tl9, 4yk5, 4yl0, 4yl1, 4yl3 – hPGES-1 + glutathione + inhibitor
7l7j – hPGES-3 + Hsp90 – Cryo EM
7l7i – hPGES-3 + Hsp90 + FKBP5 – Cryo EM
7krj – hPGES-3 + Hsp90 + glucocorticoid receptor – Cryo EM
1z9h – MaPGES-2 + indomethacin – Macaque
2pbj – MaPGES-2 + heme + glutathione
7y04 – mPGES-3 + Hsp90 + AHR - mouse – Cryo EM
8h77 – mPGES-3 + Hsp90 + AHR + AHR-interacting protein – Cryo EM


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