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In addition to its regular articles (which represent the vast majority of its content), Proteopedia contains articles grouped in subsections called namespaces. Namespaces appear as the first word in the title of a page, followed by a colon. For example, this page Proteopedia:Namespaces is in the namespace Proteopedia:. Namespaces are formal regions within the wiki that are assigned by administrators.


Simply using a colon in the title of a page does not create a new namespace. For example, these pages are not in namespaces:

Searches can be restricted to a subset of namespaces. After any search, you can see a list of namespaces, with checkboxes, at the bottom of the result page. Your preferences control which namespaces are searched, by default, for your login. However, by checking or unchecking the namespaces at the bottom of any search result, and then clicking on the Search button near the list of namespaces, you can re-run the search for any specified subset of namespaces.

Proteopedia includes the following namespaces. You can display all pages within one of these namespaces by clicking on the link below.

  • Proteopedia: includes About, Namespaces, Policy, Troubleshooting, Problems, Wishlist, and Topic Pages.
  • Image: includes all files that have been uploaded to Proteopedia.
  • Template: includes all templates (there are many!). A template is generally some wikitext content that is designed to be included in other pages.
  • Help: includes help pages that were created within the Help namespace.
  • Journal: includes pages belonging to specific journals.

The above list is incomplete. A complete list of all namespaces in Proteopedia is displayed in the list of checkboxes at the very bottom of search results. See also Help:Searching.


Subdirectories end with a slash ("/") instead of a colon. Please see Proteopedia:Subdirectories.

Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Eric Martz, Jaime Prilusky, Eran Hodis

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