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A Studio is a restricted access namespace where authorized users can work.

In the current implementation, there's a landlord that creates the Studio page, i.e Studio:G5SecL04 and grants access to a group of tenants. A Studio is only accessible to those users, that are both able to read and write.

Studio shares with a Workbench the privacy properties, however, Studio tenants can not grant access to the page to other users. The credits' bottom area of a Studio page will list all those tenants that actually did some editing, like a regular page.

Studio tenants must have an active Proteopedia userid. To request a Studio page, please send an email to Image:Contact-email.png with the requested name of the Studio page and the list of Proteopedia users that will share the reading and writing on the page, similar to the sample below. The name of each group is made of an abbreviation of the name of the course and something to differentiate one group from another (don't make the name of the groups too long). At the bottom, add the Proteopedia userid of tutors that will receive full access to all of the groups.

John Justin
Alice Anyname

Bob Bright
Donald Duck
Clark Kent

Mickey Mouse
Daneel Olivaw

Frequent use

Studios are frequently used in education. A teacher divides the class in smaller groups. Each group get's their own 'Study' to work on a project, a protein, ligand or function. Students from one group can't browse the work of others, allowing for the teacher to assign the same topic to the whole class and still being able to evaluate the individual work of a reduced group. The teacher and one or more designed tutors may access the material inside individual Studies.

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