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What is a Workbench

A "workbench" is a special subpage of your user page that can only be viewed by you. It is primarily intended to be used as a staging location for Interactive 3D Complements to journal articles while the content is embargoed prior to publication.

To create a page in your workbench, visit your user page and create a subpage called "Workbench". Eran Hodis's workbench would be at "User:Eran_Hodis/Workbench". Any subpages of the workbench subpage are also only visible to you as well as to Proteopedia administrators.

To upload a file or image that you wish to have only visible to you, give it a name that starts with "Workbench_" when you upload it. For instance, the file "Workbench_1ea5.pdb.gz" can only be viewed by the person that uploaded it, as well as Proteopedia administrators.

  • Before uploading a file, please read Help:Uploading molecules.
  • Make a careful note of the name of the file you upload, including the prefix Workbench_. Give it a name that will distinguish it from all the other files people upload.
  • After you upload the file you may see a Permission Error message. Don't worry -- this is OK. It is because reading of uploaded Workbench files is blocked.
  • If you click on Upload file (in the toolbox at the lower left) and then on upload log, you will see the name of the file you uploaded. This can also be used to remind you of the name in case you lose it.
  • You can now display the molecule in the SAT, using the load molecule tab, and giving the full correct name of the file in the uploaded file slot.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that no one can find a way to hack into your workbench and view your files, but you can probably rest assured this won't happen.

Terms added to facilitate finding this page when searching: workbenches, journal article supplementary materials, Interactive 3D Complements, journal articles.

How to manage your Workbench

Every workbench page has a special workbench tab located on the top right side of the page. It will look similar to this one:

A click on the 'workbench' tab leads you to the Workbench Administration special page, where you can manage the workbench page you started from.

There you will be able to enter one or more userids to share your Workbench with, and even to allow some selected users to modify the content. This option makes the Workbench into a Shared Space with controlled restricted access for Collaborative Work.

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