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If you've been referred to this troubleshooting page, it is because your computer is most likely missing Java.

Java is required in order to view the 3D molecules in Proteopedia. Java is also widely used by other websites and applications.

Simply visit and follow the instructions for the free Java download and installation.

Java is free, and its installation in Windows is quick and easy. It never hurts to upgrade your java at the above link.

Still can't see the molecule?

  • No molecule at the outset. This is common with Windows systems because they are often supplied without java, or may need an updated version of Java. Java is required by the Jmol applet, as well as many other websites and applications. Java is free, and its installation in Windows is quick and easy. Simply go to and follow instructions for the free java download and installation.
  • Molecule fails to appear after seeing many molecular views. Sometimes this happens in a long tutorial with many molecular views, or after complex molecular views with surfaces or orbitals. Try reloading the page, or better yet, try holding down the Shift key while clicking your browser's reload. If reloading doesn't work, or if the molecule fails to appear soon after a reload, simply quit your browser and then start a new session. Make sure you close all browser windows (on Windows) or quit (on Macs) to stop the browser application. This also stops Java and clears its memory, which is the underlying problem.
  • On Windows We recommend installing all high priority Windows Updates.
  • On a Mac We recommend installing all Apple Software Updates (Open System Preferences, then Software Update). Importantly, these updates keep Java up to date.
  • Try downloading the latest version of the internet browser you are using. You'll find Firefox here, Internet Explorer here, and Safari here.

In general, it is a good idea to have whatever operating system you use be completely up to date.

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Eran Hodis, Eric Martz

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