Receptor for activated protein kinase C 1

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Human receptor for activated protein kinase C 1 complex with glycerol (PDB code 4aow)

3D Structures of receptor for activated protein kinase C 1

Updated on 08-December-2019

4aow – hRACK1 – human
5oa3, 5vyc, 6g5i, 6g5h, 6g53, 6g51, 6g18 - hRACK1 in 40S ribosome subunit - Cryo EM
4v6x, 5aj0, 4ug0, 5a2q, 5a2q, 5aj0, 5lks – hRACK1 in h80S ribosome – Cryo EM
4v5z - RACK1 in 80S ribosome - dog - Cryo EM
4kzx, 4kzy, 4kzz - rRACK1 in 40S ribosome subunit - rabbit
5flx - rRACK1 in 40S ribosome subunit - Cryo EM
6p4h, 6p4g - rRACK1 in 40S ribosome subunit + IRES - Cryo EM
5lzt, 5lzv, 5lzw, 4d5l, 5k0y, 5lzu, 5lzx, 5lzy, 5lzz, 4d61, 4ujc, 4ujd, 5lzs - rRACK1 in 80S ribosome - Cryo EM
3frx, 3rfg, 3rfh – yRACK1 – yeast
1trj – yRACK1 + RNA – Cryo EM
6fai – yRACK1 in y40S ribosome – Cryo EM
4u3m, 4u3n, 4u3u, 4u4n, 4u4o, 4u4q, 4u4r, 4u4u, 4u4y, 4u4z, 4u50, 4u51, 4u52, 4u53, 4u55, 4u56, 4u6f, 4v88, 5dat, 5dc3, 5dge, 5dgf, 5dgv, 5fci, 5tga, 5tgm, 5fcj, 5i4l, 5mei, 5tbw, 5lyb - yRACK1 in 80S ribosome
3j6x, 3j6y, 4v6i, 4v7h, 4v7r, 3j77, 3j78, 4v8y, 4v8z, 5m1j, 5mc6, 5juo, 5jup, 5jus, 5jut, 5juu – yRACK1 in y80S ribosome – Cryo EM
5xyi - RACK1 in 40S ribosome subunit - Trichomonas vaginalis - Cryo EM
4bts, 4v50 - RACK1 in 40S ribosome subunit - Tetrahymena thermophila
4v92 - KlRACK1 in 80S ribosome - Kluyveromyces lactis - Cryo EM
5it9 - KlRACK1 in 26S ribosome subunit - Cryo EM
4uer - RACK1 in 40S ribosome subunit - Lachancea kluyveri - Cryo EM
5t2a - RACK1 in 80S ribosome - Leishmania donovani - CryoEM


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