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E. coli Rop protein 1rop

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3D structures of Rop protein

Updated on 09-March-2022

1rpo, 1rop, 2ghy – EcRop – Escherichia coli
1qx8, 1nkd, 1b6q, 1yo7, 1f4n, 3k79, 2ijh, 2iji, 2ijj, 2ijk, 1gmg, 1f4m, 4do2, 1gto, 7kae – EcRop (mutant)
1rpr – EcRop – NMR
3q5z – TgRop5B pseudokinase domain – Toxoplasma gondii
3q60 – TgRop5B pseudokinase domain + ATP

Additional Resources

For additional information, see: DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination


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