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Ideas for improvement

This "figure-review" was written by Emily Cappucci as part of an assignment for a Biochemistry course at Westfield State University, and posted here by the instructor with permission.

  1. My favorite figure: My favorite figure is figure 5, “3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase beta sheet in the NAD binding domain”. This static figure is based on the coordinates 2p9e. A similar 3D scene is shown as well, based on the script: The page is featured in a BAMBED article from 2015 available at
  2. This is my suggestion for a figure legend: The Rossmann fold of 3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenase is shown with continuous segment of β-sheets and alpha helices. The direction of the strands are all parallel which represents a general trend in Rossmann folds.
  3. What I like about the figure: This is the best figure to show an example of the Rossmann Fold, a super-secondary structure. The figure does an excellent job showing the extension of the continuous -stands and alternating pattern of -strand-alpha helix- β strand secondary structures.
  4. Corresponding figure in the primary citation: In the primary citation, figure 2 shows the orientation of the β‐strands in the Rossmann fold of the NADP binding site of methylene‐ tetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase. This figure is also a clear representation of the Rossmann fold showing the continuous β‐strands and alpha helices.
  5. How I think the figure could be improved: I really wished this was one of the 3D figures so that I could interact and rotate the figure to see the other angles. If this figure was interactive and had more examples specific to this structure I think it would be the perfect figure.

--Karsten Theis 20:47, 20 December 2018 (UTC)

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