Tobacco Mosaic Virus

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TMV coat protein 2tmv

3D structures of tobacco mosaic virus

Updated on 25-April-2022

1ei7, 3kml, 6i5a, 4bcu, 7m2v, 7m3r, 7m3t, 7m50, 7m54 - TMV coat protein
6r7m – TMV coat protein - CryoEM
6x0q, 6x0r - TMV coat protein (mutant)
1a34, 4oq8, 4oq9, 4nia, 7m2t, 7m57 - TMV coat protein + RNA
2om3, 2xea, 4udv, 3j06 , 6sae, 6sag, 5a79, 5a7a, 7og6 – TMV coat protein + RNA - CryoEM
2tmv, 1vtm – TMV coat protein + RNA - fiber


Primary Reference
Visualization of protein-nucleic acid interactions in a virus. Refined structure of intact tobacco mosaic virus at 2.9 A resolution by X-ray fiber diffraction., Namba K, Pattanayek R, Stubbs G, J Mol Biol. 1989 Jul 20;208(2):307-25. PMID:2769760
Additional References

  1. Caspar carboxylates: the structural basis of tobamovirus assembly. Wang H, Planchart A, Stubbs G. Biophys. J. 1998, 74, 633-638.

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