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TolA domain III complex with TRIS and Zn+2 ion (grey) (PDB code 1lr0)

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3D structures of TolA

Updated on 27-February-2020

1lr0 – TolA domain III – Pseudomonas aeruginosa
1s62 – EcTolA C terminal – Escherichia coli – NMR
2x9a - EcTolA C terminal + attachment protein G3P
1tol - EcTolA C terminal/minor coat protein
3qdr - EcTolA domain III + colicin A residues 53-107
3qdp - EcTolA domain III
6fw4 – VcTolA C terminal – Vibrio cholerae - NMR
4g7x – VcTolA C terminal + uncharacterized protein


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