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E. coli TolB (PDB code 1c5k)

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3D structures of TolB

Updated on 25-April-2022

1crz, 1c5k – EcTolB – Escherichia coli
2ivz – EcTolB + colicin-E9 T-domain
4jml - EcTolB (mutant) + colicin-E9 T-domain (mutant)
7nst - EcTolB (mutant) + colicin-E9 + outer membrane protein F – Cryo EM
7nsu - EcTolB (mutant) + colicin-E9 + outer membrane protein F + BtuB – Cryo EM
3iax - EcTolB + colicin-A translocation domain
2hqs, 2w8b - EcTolB + peptidoglycan-associated lipoprotein
4pwz – YpTolB – Yersinia pestis
4r40 - YpTolB + peptidoglycan-associated lipoprotein
6pnv – TolB – Salmonella enterica
7mx5 – TolB – Acinetobacteria baumannii


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