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The TolQ Membrane-spanning domains
The TolQ Membrane-spanning domains [1]


TolQ is a polytopic protein located in the inner (cytoplasmic) membrane, containing approximately 230 amino acids. There are three membrane spanning segments in TolQ with each segment containing an α-helix[2]. TM1 is connected to TM2 via a large cytoplasmic loop, with the N-terminal ending in the periplasm. This topology is also found in ExbB, which can be explained by the similar sequence shared by both proteins[3].

It has been shown that 4 to 6 TolQ molecules associate in the TolQRA complex, and that they form multimers which interact with the transmembrane helices (TMH) of TolQ, TolR and TolA[4]. The multimers are formed by the three TMHs of TolQ, the last of which undergo a conformational change to form a hairpin, while the first TMH forms an intermolecular interaction[5].


TolQ plays an important role in the maintenance of the bacterial envelope integrity as well as the import of filamentous bacteriophage and group A colicins[5].

Loss of TolQ function can be partially replaced by ExbB and vice versa - reduced activities of either of these proteins via a mutant form can be reversed by introducing double mutants[3].


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