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Dihedral angles (ϕ and ψ) in proteins and the Ramachandran plot

Structure Ramachandran plot
ϕ = phi   ψ = psi
While dragging in the plot, restrict to:
Or enter values:
ϕ = ψ =
Structure rotation changing one angle:
Highlights: (do not work during rotation)

(steric hindrance)


Retrieve structure by PDB ID:
PDB ID: Chain: Residue nr.:
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(drag the purple point around)

Legend for Ramachandran plot:

  • ━━━ boundary of rather stable conformations (favoured)
  • ━ ━ boundary of moderately stable conformations (allowed)
  • α alpha helix (right-handed, the usual one)
  • Lα left-handed alpha helix (uncommon)
  • 310 3(10) helix
  • β beta strand, beta sheet
  • poly P polyproline helix (also collagen)

You may visit the Ramachandran Plot page for a thorough description of the features and meaning of this plot, as well as examples in whole proteins.

Note: for lack of a one-letter standard abbreviation, Π is used here for hydroxyproline in the sequence.

Image of Ramachandran plot areas modified from “Ramachandran_plot_original_outlines” by Dcrjsr [CC-BY license]

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