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Angel Herráez, PhD - Dept. of Systems Biology; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Unit; University of Alcalá, Spain



Not much info here, but you can visit

Favourite pages


Academic pages

Pages produced by my students.


(Trabajos de Fin de Grado) End-of-degree projects focused of the analysis and display of structural features of proteins, interaction with ligands, etc.

Test pages

User:Angel Herraez/Sandbox 1 - Test for the sequence widget

User:Angel Herraez/Sandbox 2 - Testing some templates

User:Angel Herraez/Sandbox 3 - Alternate rendering for display of both evolutionary conservation and allosteric site

User:Angel Herraez/Sandbox 4 - Test for drag and drop

User:Angel Herraez/Sandbox 5 - Misc. testing

User:Angel Herraez/Sandbox 6 - Testing advanced scenes imported from Jmol application via state file

User:Angel Herraez/Sandbox 7 - Testing proposals for ligand focus

User:Angel Herraez/Workbench - for private work


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