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If you have been unable to receive emails from Proteopedia.Org[1][2][3], and therefore your request for an account has not been approved, here is a workaround.

Before doing this, carefully check your spam/junk email box for messages from Proteopedia. If you find them, mark them as "not spam" or "not junk" and then you do not need to do what follows.


1. Create a new email account at It is free. (We know that will accept messages from Proteopedia.)
If you already have a gmail account, you may use it but be sure to empty the spam mailbox first.
2. Request a new account at Proteopedia, using your gmail address.
Add a period/dot (.) at the end of your name to make it different from your previous account request. (We will also use the period to clean out your old request from our server.)
If your first request was for "Eric Martz", make the new name "Eric Martz." (See note[4])
3. Carefully look for a message from You must confirm your email address from a link in this message. If you do not receive this message right away, open "More" and look in your Spam box (and mark messages from Proteopedia as "not spam"!).
4. After you confirm your email address, your account will be created (not immediately, but usually within 24 hours, by a human being) and you will receive a second email containing your password. Remember to look in your Spam box.


If you wish, you can set your gmail account to automatically forward emails to another email account.

  1. Click on the gear icon Image:gmail_gear.png at the upper right and open Settings.
  2. At the top, click on "Forwarding and POP/IMAP".
  3. Click on the button "Add a forwarding address" and enter your other email address.
  4. Check "Forward a copy of incoming mail to" (and set it to the new address).
  5. At the bottom, click the button "Save Changes"!


  1. It appears that the email systems of some educational institutions block mail sent by If you are at such an institution, and your IT support team has not whitelisted, you will need the workaround on this page.
  2. The Proteopedia Staff confirmed (January, 2016) that some email systems did not receive emails sent from Proteopedia.Org. One such system was In contrast, we know that accepts our emails. We believe the problem was with Proteopedia, not with We believe this problem was fixed by late January, 2016.
  3. Eric Martz is an administrator at Proteopedia.Org who is in charge of approving and creating new accounts in January, 2016 (since April, 2009).
  4. If you do not change your name, Proteopedia will deem your request to be a duplicate, and reject it automatically. We have verified that simply adding a period at the end of your name makes it acceptable as a "new name" to Proteopedia.

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