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Problems observed when testing pages with Jmol 12.2.19.

Serious Problems

  • Metal-Ligand_Polyhedra
    • Z-shade is much too steep, completely hiding the rear of the structure. Scene does not show structure. No simple work-around for visitors to this article.

Non-Critical Problems

  • Avian_Influenza_Neuraminidase,_Tamiflu_and_Relenza
    • morph fails to start on every second click of the green link. Some start failures also under Morph of Conversion at Lac repressor they start more often than every second try.
    • transition between the 2 morph scenes involves one superfluous cycle of zoom out/in. Also seen with Lac repressor under DNA Kinks with the 2-leucines scene.

Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Eric Martz, Jaime Prilusky

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