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Introduction to Authoring Pages and Creating Scenes in Proteopedia



  • Overview of the workshop


Protein Data Bank


  • Proteopedia - interactive 3D encylopedia of macromolecular structures and structural biology resources to which scientists contribute and use to share structural biology content
  • User or Sandbox login

Types of Proteopedia pages

Topic Pages

User Pages

  • Other users cannot edit pages in this space

PDB Entry Pages

  • Proteopedia has an entry for every PDB entry (over 70,000) with interactive scene links and links to useful resources

FirstGlance in Jmol

  • Views and Convenience buttons
    • How many chains? - Use 3pla
    • Key Resources:
      • Biological Unit
      • Missing pieces?; PDBsum link on Proteopedia entry pages helpful for this as well

Assessing structure

Structural Biology for Non-structural Biologists

Proteopedia Page Authoring

  • Model of a wiki
  • Sandbox - there is a "student" login that can be used by groups for editing these for teaching purposes
  • Conveniences
    • Buttons for 3D structure windows and other commonly used items
    • Since a large amount of references are from Pub-Med, PMID all that is needed for references in text, combined with a reference list at end
  • Help:Getting Started in Proteopedia
  • Proteopedia:How to Make a Page
  • How to edit pages in Proteopedia
  • Special:Upload List of allowed file types: png, jpg, jpeg, tiff, tif, gif, mgif, pdb, cif, mmcif, cml, mol, xyz, kin, mmol

Proteopedia Scene Authoring

  • Proteopedia's Scene Authoring Tools
    • Load a structure 2zi0 or previous scene
    • Set your scene. Undo/Redo features.
    • Save your scene
    • Add the scene to the page
  • Try it out and then add and improve. Repeat.

Time permitting



Macromolecular Visualization

Small Molecule Visualization and Model Kits

Topic Pages - Education

Authoring Scenes and Views in Proteopedia and beyond



  1. B. Bienfait and P. Ertl, JSME: a free molecule editor in JavaScript, Journal of Cheminformatics 5:24 (2013) article

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Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Wayne Decatur

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