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The now defunct World Index of BioMolecular Visualization Resources (, now defunct) was a web project designed by Eric Martz that was operational from 2000 to 2012. Users contributed most of the content and photographs, with links to their own websites containing molecular visualization resources. The concept was similar to today's wikis, but the project became operational before wikis were widely available.

The project, dubbed Visitor-Maintained Indices, was implemented in Java Server Pages by Trevor D. Kramer. The server was kindly provided by Philip Bourne (then a senior staff member of the Protein Data Bank) at the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

In January, 2012, a technician unwittingly destroyed the project by irreversibly moving it to a server not configured to support Java Server Pages. Fortunately, an archival snapshot of the project and its content as of January, 2012 can still be viewed, thanks to the Internet Archive "Wayback Machine". More of the content seems to be accessible in the June, 2010 archive.

The Index was organized into 14 categories. The most populated category was Biochemical Structure Tutorials with Rotating/Interactive Molecular Displays, which had 160 entries submitted by 83 visitors (authors) in January 2010. The second most-populated category was Free Software for Molecular Visualization and Modeling which had 102 entries submitted by 82 authors.

The archive of the catetgory Physical Models and Molecular Sculpture was extremely useful in populating Art:Molecular Sculpture, created in April, 2018.

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