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PDB ID 2pzh

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2pzh, resolution 1.70Å ()
Gene: HP0496 (Helicobacter pylori)
Related: 1lo7, 1s5u
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YbgCis believed to have first appeared in the Tol complex with the separation of the δε proteobacteria from the αβγ proteobacteria[1].


YbgC is a cytoplasmic protein in the Tol-Pal complex[2]. In Helicobacter pylori, the protein is part of a 'hot-dog' family of proteins, with an epsilongamma tetrameric arrangement[3].


The protein displays thioesterase activity towards acyl-CoA thioesters[3], and has a strong sequence conservation with its active site residues with other proteins of a similar function[4] for example with the Pseudonomas sp. strain CBS3 4-hydroxybenzoyl-CoA thioesterase[5].

However, its role within the Tol complex itself remains unknown, although it may be involved in the acetylation of another protein within the complex, with the role of an activity-regulator[1]. It is also thought to be involved in the cell division complex of Tol-Pal[3].


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