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Eric Martz's Favorites

  • 1995-1997: Recoverin, a calcium-activated myristoyl switch. Calcium induces this protein to undergo a huge conformational change, literally turning one domain inside out. The N-terminal myristic acid goes from being buried within the hydrophobic core of a protein domain to being exposed, facilitating the attachment of this enzyme to disc membranes in rod cells in the eye. Morphs of this transition are shown.
  • 2006 - Tamiflu bound to avian influenza neuraminidase N1, 2hu4 has tamiflu bound, while 2hty lacks this ligand. Tamiflu was designed for N2/N9, not N1. Its antiviral activity via N1 is fortunate but surprising. Comparison of these two structures shows that tamiflu pulls N1 loop 147-152 into close contact, a case of "induced fit". Another surprise was a cavity near tamiflu that could serve as a target for designing better anti-avian influenza drugs.

To be added: MHC class I; domain-switched antibody.

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