Recoverin, a calcium-activated myristoyl switch

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Recoverin: 1iku model 7 (calcium-free) morphed to 1jsa model 9 (calcium-bound) complex with myristic acid.

3D structures of recoverin

Updated on 02-September-2018

2d8n – RCV – human
2het, 1omr, 1rec, 4m2q, 4mlw – bRCV – bovine
1jsa, 1iku - bRCV - NMR
1omv, 4m2o, 4m2p, 4yi8, 4yi9 – bRCV (mutant)
1la3 - bRCV (mutant) - NMR
2i94 – bRCV + rhodopsin kinase


This page was adapted from The Protein Morpher, a defunct, Chime-based website written in 1998 by Eric Martz.


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