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Helical conformations in proteins

This page illustrates the 3 most common helical conformations (among secondary structures) found in proteins.

Each of the three examples below is a decapeptide fragment extracted from an actual protein structure in the PDB. They are shown using the same scale, for a better comparison (as a consequence, zoom in the Jmol applets is disabled).

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310 helix alpha helix pi helix

3 residues/turn
rise 0.20 nm/residue
helix pitch 0.60 nm
H bonds: Ni+3 → Oi
φ = -49°, ψ = -26°
from 3l79: 514-525

3.6 residues/turn
rise 0.15 nm/residue
helix pitch 0.54 nm
H bonds: Ni+4 → Oi
φ = -60°, ψ = -45°
from 1hho chain B: 5-16

4.4 residues/turn
rise ~0.115 nm/residue
helix pitch ~0.41 nm
H bonds: Ni+5 → Oi
φ = -55°, ψ = -70° (approx.)
from 2qd3 chain A: 346-357

Change rendering:

The alpha helix is by far the most common helix. Note that it is a right-handed helix when formed with the common L-amino acids[1][2][3]. (It is left-handed when formed with D-amino acids[1][2][3].) When viewed from either end, right-handed helices turn clockwise when followed away from you.

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