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For an explanation of the uses of and policies for protected pages, please see Proteopedia:Policy. In brief:

  • User:Eric Martz/Nucleosomes is a protected page. Only its author can edit it, but any logged-in user may copy its content into a publicly editable page, or into a personal protected page.
  • Nucleosomes contains a copy of the content of the above protected page, plus other material. Any logged-in user can edit it.
  • A protected Sandbox page is a good place to start developing a new article. Once you are ready to have others begin contributing to it, it can be moved to a permanent topic page. Instructions are at Help:Sandboxes.

How To Create A Protected Page

In order to protect a page from being edited by others, you must create the page "under" your User login name. For example, suppose you want to create a protected page titled Antibodies. If your name is John Doe, you must create this page at User:John_Doe/Antibodies. It will be automatically protected by virtue of being in your User domain.

  1. In the search slot at the left, enter User:Your_Name/Your_Page_Title.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. At the top of the search results page will be a red link to your proposed new page title. Click it.
  4. Now you can enter content and save your new page.

How To Copy A Protected Page

Although you cannot edit protected pages that belong to others, the contents of protected pages (like all content in Proteopedia) can be read by everyone, and are also freely available to copy or adapt. Suppose that an educator has written a protected page that covers some material you need to teach. You are free to copy the protected page into either a publicly editable page, or into a protected page of your own, and then change it as you wish. Here are instructions for copying a protected page (or any page, for that matter).

  1. Display the protected page (the source page), and click it its edit this page tab.
  2. Click in the box containing the source (wiki) text for the source page.
  3. Block the portion that you wish to copy of the source text of the page (which can be the entire page if you wish).
  4. Using the search slot at the left near the top of the page, find the page into which you wish to copy the protected content (the destination page). This can be an existing page, or a new page (see Help:Editing).
  5. Click the edit tab in the destination page.
  6. Paste the copied source text into the correct position in the destination page.
  7. Save the destination page. Voila!

Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Eric Martz, Wayne Decatur

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