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For a general introduction beyond what is provided below, please see Wikipedia: Nucleosome. For a list of nucleosome structures, see Category: Nucleosome.

Scenes for Projection in Biochemistry Classes

This section offers some large scenes of a nucleosome (1aoi), as determined in Tim Richmond's lab, suitable for projection in biochemistry classes.

1aoi, resolution 2.80Å

1. : DNA, Protein.


   H2a   H2b   H3   H4


contains two copies of each histone protein (H2A, H2B, H3, H4) and 146 basepairs (bp) of superhelical DNA wrapped around this histone octamer. It represents the first order of DNA packaging in the nucleus and as such is the principal structure that determines DNA accessibility (this scene was created by David Marcey, Eran Hodis, Jaime Prilusky).
Examples of Archaeal_Histones

3D structures of histone


Additional Resources

For Additional Information, See: Nucleic Acids

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