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How to include new documents into the help directory

There are ten sections, and all but two have a link to a "first-tier" help page. If there are other pages that offer help concerning the topic of the section, add a link into the first-tier page to make it available that way (as a second-tier help page). The Help:Contents page itself is protected from editing, so you would have to request suggested additions to it.

Here is a list of the sections and the current first-tier help page:

  1. Navigating: Special:Search
  2. Reading: Help:Viewing pages
  3. Authors and history: n/a (elements built into pages)
  4. Registering as user: n/a (menu above pages)
  5. Contributing content: Help:Getting Started in Proteopedia
  6. 3D scenes: Proteopedia:DIY:Scenes
  7. Multimedia: Help:Multimedia
  8. Advanced Authoring: Proteopedia:Cookbook
  9. Teaching: Help: Teaching with Proteopedia
  10. Contact us: Help: Contact Us

Use the Special:Allpages to find all pages starting with Help: and starting with Proteopedia:

Proteopedia Page Contributors and Editors (what is this?)

Karsten Theis

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