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File load error

9 July 2014 - The pdg.gz file does not load, an error is displayed in JSmol saying the format is not understood. I guess it may be related to gzipped file. However, it should load since

  • the jsmol.php is properly called.
  • If I download the file, then drag and drop it from my PC onto JSmol in the Ppedia page, it loads.
  • If I start a new scene, the file loads correctly in the SAT

I cannot remake the scene because I haven't got the script. Eric's note "To load the scenes on this page into the SAT, change the page name to User:Eric_Martz/Sandbox_10, where these scenes were developed." is not aplicable since that Sandbox now has different content.

Oh, wait! Yes, I can get the scene there! Let's see... --Angel Herraez 19:23, 9 July 2014 (IDT)

Well, the file sometines showed up in the SAT but not in the page. Apparently, the case was that this particular file had been gzipped twice. Now the problem has been fixed. --Angel_Herraez 11:43, 10 July 2014 (IDT)

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