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Thioether bonds between the sidechains of cysteine and tyrosine have been well studied in cysteine dioxygenases[1], and observed in catalase[2] and galactose oxidase (see examples below).

Thioether bonds between cysteine and ligands are common, but are generally not crosslinks between polypeptides. Thioether bonds between cysteine and the vinyl groups of hemes are common. Diverse other ligands are bonded to protein via cysteine thioether linkages.

Note that the sidechain of methionine contains a thioether (which is not a protein crosslink).

An accurate estimate of the frequency of thioether crosslinks in the PDB may not be available. A search for "thioether" in Proteopedia yields >200 hits in abstracts of pages titled with 4-character PDB codes.




  • 1gof (1991): Galactose oxidase.
  • 1sy7 (2004): Catalase.
  • 6e87 (2019): Cysteine dioxygenase.


  • 5nf0 (2017): Peptide cyclized via 2 thioethers with xylene.
  • 6o83 (2019): Ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1 thioether-bonded to a modified deoxy adenosine.
  • 6vdq (2021): Bacterial peroxygenase thioether-bonded to heme.

Other Protein Crosslinks

In addition to the thioester bonds discussed above, other covalent cross-links between polypeptide chains include:


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