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Inhibition of a type III secretion system by the deletion of a short loop in one of its membrane proteins.

Vladimir A. Meshcheryakov, Akio Kitao, Hideyuki Matsunami and Fadel A. Samatey (サマテ). Acta Cryst. D69: 812-820 (2013). doi:10.1107/S0907444913002102 Open Access.

Brief Introduction

FlhB is a membrane protein that is part of the flagellum-specific secretion apparatus. It is required for secretion of flagellar proteins, and for bacterial motility. FlhB is paralogous to a protein in the virulence type III secretion system. FlhB has a hydrophobic integral membrane domain, predicted to have four transmembrane helices, a flexible linker that is highly conserved and essential for function, and a cytoplasmic domain. The present study reports the structures of the cytoplasmic domains of two bacterial taxa. (Please see the open access publication for a more detailed introduction.)

Molecular Tour: FlhBc Structures

Cytoplasmic domain of FlhB

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References and Notes

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  1. Optimum growth ~90o C.
  2. Prediction of intrinsic disorder for Salmonella typhimurium FlhB by the FoldIndex server (image below, at right).

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