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Proteopedia and Authoring Pages for your Presentations


Types of pages

Authoring pages

Authoring scenes within pages

Advanced Scene Authoring

Be prepared to do some troubleshooting to get the exact scene you need. Keep in mind this an evolving and improving system and that some means of generating aspects of scenes outside of Proteopedia's Scene authoring tools might not be saved in the scene information properly by Proteopedia's Scene Authoring Tools. I have found this to be the case with instances involving representations that use 'isosurface', 'dots', and 'configuration' settings. For the problematic instances I mention, I found that troubleshooting simply involved either using a state script or Proteopedia's own Scene Authoring Tools to get close to the scene I want and then using the Jmol console to execute the problematic commands bypasses the errors I was encountering.

Advanced Jmol Scripting

Other student projects and teaching resources in Proteopedia

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