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Below are listed pages in Proteopedia that were originally created by students. To search for a molecule, use the Find function of your browser (Windows: Ctrl-F; Mac: Cmd-F).





  • 2008: Photosystem II was authored by Emily Forschler while she was a senior biochemistry major at Messiah College (Grantham PA US) in a class taught by Karl Oberholser. Professor Oberholser reported "I think that Emily's work on Photosystem II shows that Proteopedia is a system that a Jmol novice can use with good effect. Emily had no experience with using Jmol. The other students in the class ... [made] PowerPoint presentations of their chosen proteins, and after seeing Emily's Proteopedia presentation one student's response was all of us should have used Proteopedia. Thank you for a great product!"

University of Massachusetts CBI Program

Dozens of pages created by graduate students in the Chemistry-Biology Interface (CBI) Program the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, designed for incorporation into the Molecular Playground, are listed under CBI Molecules.


Artistic representations of biochemical subjects will be found under Art. Many of these are by students.

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